Lone Pine Pits – Walden, CO
Benchmark Grayling, Sterling, CO
Padroni Waste Site – Sterling, CO
City of Commerce City Demo, Commerce City, CO
Pueblo Chemical Depot Mercury Remediation, Pueblo, CO
SMU 56 Warehouse Demolition
Metro Carwash Express – demolition, excavation and tank installation

Agisi Environmental Services has an aggressive safety culture. AES holdins itself to the highest standards of regulatory safety and compliance. All training is in full accordance with EPA and OSHA regulations. AES employees are experts in their given field and are continuously educated in all applicable EPA and OSHA regulations. Agisi Environmental Services has an EMR rating of .88.

AES is proud of its secured bonding limits over 5 million. AES has never been turned down for a bond and has the ability to bond large scale projects simultaneously.

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